Summing up the last couple questions

Romney said troops will be out of Afghanistan by 2014, and that focus needs to go towards containing Pakistan. 

“I look at this as a need to help move Pakistan in the right direction and to get Afghanistan ready and they will be ready by 2014,” he said.

Obama said we are now in a place that troops can begin to transition out of Afghanistan, and the money from reduced troops overseas would be able to be invested in our economy, especially in veteran services such as treatment for PTSD and job training.

“It’s time to do some nation building here at home and we can free up some resources to put Americans back to work,” he said.Romney also said that he supports the president’s use of drones. 

Both candidates said that as president, they would stand with Israel and defend it against attacks, specifically from Iran.

“Israel is a true friend and is our greatest ally in the region,” Obama said. “And America will stand with Israel if they are attacked.”

Obama also said that his presidency has taken steps to prevent Iran from getting nuclear weapons by enforcing tough sanctions on the country, and getting other countries to agree to do the same. He said that Romney has called for preemptive action, but Obama said that military action “is a last resort, not a first.”

Romney said that sanctions needed to be tougher in order to make sure Iran does not get nuclear weapons.

“Nuclear capable Iran is unacceptable,” he said. “We need to increase pressure time and time again on Iran.”

Romney also agreed that military action should be a last resort. Romney then criticized Obama for traveling to the Middle East and not visiting Israel.

“Mr. President, the reason I call it an apology tour is because you went to the Middle East… and you said on TV that America has been dismissive, and derisive.”

Obama said that his first trip in office was to go to the military bases overseas to visit soldiers. 

Obama also took the argument he’s been taking for a lot of this debate: Romney’s foreign policy stance has varied wildly.

“On a whole range of issues… you’ve been all over the map,” he said, citing the decisions made in the killing of Osama Bin Laden as an example. 


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