Debate 4: Foreign Policy / Debate Coverage

Libya Crisis and Foreign Policy in the Middle East

Romney says that Libya is an example of an “unraveling” foreign policy in the Middle East.  He does not want “another Afghanistan or Iraq,” rather, he wishes to suppress Islam extremism.  Says Al-Qaeda is the biggest threat to the US.

Obama calls out Romney on some points.  According to Obama, Romney stated that the biggest threat to the US was Russia.  He also called out Romney on the fact that he allegedly wants more troops in Iraq.  Obama mentions how nation building within the US can help enhance American leadership in the Middle East.

Scheiffer asks how to manage the war in Syria, which has spread into neighboring nations.

Romney sees the war in Syria as a chance to replace Assad, begin a new government, and arm the Syrian military forces so they can defend themselves.  He has no desire to put any military troops in Syria.

Obama says that the US is “doing what they should be doing” to manage the turmoil throughout the nation.

Schieffer asks if Obama had regrets with how he dealt with Egypt and President Mubarak

Obama had no regrets, saying that he continues to reach out to Egypt to help them stabilize as a country.  He also adds that US needs to improve their own economy and education to become a better example to other nations.

Romney agreed with how Obama dealt with Mubarak, but he wished that the US realized the uprising in Egypt years earlier than they did.  Like Obama, he wants to improve the economy here, but he also wants to strengthen the military by continuing the military spending they have now.


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