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Question 4: Gender inequality in the workplace

Obama cited several specific problems facing women – not just inequal pay and the glass ceiling, which he sad his own grandmother faced as she worked at a local bank and which he worked to resolve through the signing of the Lilly Ledbetter Act, which helps protect women from discrimination in the workplace. He also focused on health care, access to contraceptives and Planned Parenthood, which is important not just for contraception but a wide variety of women’s health issues, and day care services. These issues, he said, are about the economy. “These are not just women’s issues,” he said. “These are family issues, these are economic issues.”

Obama also said that the best way to help women is to provide equal access to education by expanding Pell Grants, and changing the climate. “We’ve got to make sure that in every walk of life we do not tolerate discrimination,” he said.

Romney said he was sure to put women in leadership positions while in office in Massachusetts. He also said that it was about being flexible for women – so that they could take care of their families and still hold jobs. Romney added that a stronger economy is what women need. “I know what it takes to make the economy work,” he said.


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