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Question 10: Addressing outsourcing of jobs

Romney and Obama both addressed the problem of American competition on a global market.

We need to hold China accountable for “currency manipulation,” Romney said, which allows China to sell goods at lower rates and beat out American products. He also said we have to “make America the most attractive place in the world for businesses of all kinds.”

Obama said that, like Romney, he believed in lowered corporate tax rates. But he also said that loopholes that make it easier for companies to move out of America should be closed, loopholes that he said Romney supports. “That will create 800,000 new jobs, problem is they’ll be in China,” Obama said.

Obama also added that he has pushed China to raise their currency 11 percent over the course of his presidency.

On the topic of getting businesses back to America, Romney said it was a matter of leveling the playing field, especially when it comes to China.

Obama said that he wants to push high-wage and high-skilled jobs.


One thought on “Question 10: Addressing outsourcing of jobs

  1. Romney’s comments about China and currency manipulation will cause a big stink on Wall Street, and the global markets, if he ever carried through with the threat to brand China a currency manipulator. Worth reading up on this, as it is a huge global trade issue.
    Good blog, btw.

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