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Question 5: Distinguishing between Bush and Romney

The next question asked how Romney is different from President Bush. Both of them are Republicans, and the voter said she believed that Bush is responsible for much of our economic situation.

“President Bush and I are different people and these are different plans,” Romney said.

He said his five-point plan sets him apart and distinguishes him from Bush. He also champions small businesses, which is something his Republican predecessor did not.

Obama said that millions of new jobs were implemented in his administration and as for a point in Romney’s five-point plan detailing that he is tough on China, Romney was someone who invested in companies that pioneered in outsourcing to China.

“You’re the last person who’s going to get tough on China,” Obama said.

Obama also said Romney’s job plan is different than that of George Bush’s because the former president did not propose turning Medicare into a voucher and he did not call for an elimination of funding for Planned Parenthood.


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