Debate 3: Foreign and Domestic Policy

What to look for tonight

Tonight’s presidential debate between President Obama and Gov. Romney will be town hall style debate, meaning the members of tonight’s audience, who according to the AP are undecided voters selected by Gallup Polling Services, will come up to the microphone at Hofstra University in New York and ask the questions. CNN’s Candy Crowley will ask follow-ups. The candidates can expect questions about certain topics – the economy, jobs, and health care to name a few –  but anything is fair game, and although Crowley screens the questions beforehand, it’s harder for a candidate to dodge a citizen’s question in the same way he’d dodge a journalist’s, the AP said.

Obama will have a lot to prove tonight, after his unenthusiastic performance in the Denver debate left many of his supporters disappointed. Though most declared Romney the winner in the last debate, the former Massachusetts governor will still have to work hard to prove himself, especially if Obama steps up his game, as many expect he will. Obama may also have the advantage in this debate, as he seems to relate better to citizens than Romney.

The debate airs tonight at 9:00 EST. We’ll be here, covering it live! Follow us on Twitter with the hashtag, #terpledebate


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