Debate 1: Domestic Policy / Debate Coverage

Topic three (economy): Medicare

Obama said social security is basically sound. Medicare is the big driver of our deficits right now, he said. He said his grandmother counted on Medicare, which is what fuels Obama’s support for entitlement programs.

He cited that $716 million was saved from Medicare by no longer overpaying insurance companies and providers.

Romney said that neither president nor him is proposing changes either to Social Security or Medicare for 60 and older. Reducing rates isn’t going after places with abuse; 15 percent of hospitals and nursing homes said they won’t take more Medicare patients under that scenario.  The $716 billion cut from Medicare to go to Obamacare is wrong, he said.

“For people coming along who are young, I will allow them to choose current Medicare program or private program, at no cost to them,” Romney said.



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