ReactLabs at UMD

A University of Maryland professor helped create a mobile app that lets users respond to the candidates and moderator in real-time, providing instant feedback and polling results.

Professor Philip Resnik, linguistics professor at this university, has developed ReactLabs – a mobile app to responding to television in real time, second-by-second.

He’s looking into reactions about the debate. There’s thousands of students – about 12,000 registered and an additional 5,000 at the University of Denver – who will be responding.

People have four options – people can say they agree or disagree with candidates, or say they spinned or dodged issues by pressing one of four buttons.

Resnik said the intersection of politics and linguistics fascinates him.

“There’s a reason that one side calls it a death tax and the other side calls it an estate tax,” he said.

ReactLabs is the counter to the traditional landline home phone polls that are outdated, he said.

“What I discovered is that collecting data about people’s political behavior is hard,” Resnik said.



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