Debate 1: Domestic Policy / Debate Coverage

Let’s talk about health care

Here’s why Mitt Romney doesn’t like Obamacare: Insurance too expensive and has gone up. Expensive things hurt families. It also cut $716 billion from Medicare.

And it puts in place an unelected board to tell people what kind of treatments they’ll get. With Obamacare, companies said it makes them less likely to hire people.

Health insurance his way doesn’t mean a government takeover, Obama said. It does say that insurance companies can’t push Americans around. Americans can keep their kids on their plan until 26 years old. And Americans will get rebates if insurance companies are spending more on other things than on their clients. If you don’t have insurance, you can enlist in group rates.

“The irony is that we’ve seen the model work really well in Massachusetts because Gov. Romney did a good thing working with Democrats in the state setting up what is essentially the identical model,” Obama said.


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