University of Maryland

What it means to be terple

Hello and welcome to the 2012 Electerpal College, your one-stop shop for debate coverage with a University of Maryland focus!

We, the saucy six, will be guiding you through the three presidential debates to come over the course of the next month (that’s right folks, just a little over a month before you flex your democratic muscle and choose the man to lead this country!) Come here for debate previews, live-tweeting and blogging of the debates, and of course post-coverage with all the necessary gifs and memes.

We here at T2EC aim to be as objective as possible. Our ultimate goal is not to tell you how to vote but provide you with the necessary information to help you choose and become informed voTerps, and make it interesting while we’re at it. And that’s how our slogan came to be: “We’re not red, we’re not blue… we’re terple!” Fellow Terps, we are not about partisanship. We are here for your benefit alone.

So folks, get reading! First debate is Wednesday, Oct. 3. We’ll be watching… will you?


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